the best thing about oitnb is that most of the inmates look realistically tired and unkempt and don’t wear makeup and then there’s laverne cox looking like she just walked off the red carpet 100% of the time


Friendly reminder that a trans woman has never been reported to have attacked anyone in a women’s restroom. Also reminder that trans women get attacked for something as trivial as using the women’s restroom.


I THINK YOU WOULD BEAT THE MOON IN A PRETTY CONTEST: a mix of songs about love and the moon

tracklist: i. NINE IN THE AFTERNOON / panic! at the disco (your eyes are the size of the moon) ii. MOON AND MOON / bat for lashes (lover, when you don’t lay with me / i’m a huntress for a husband lost at sea) iii. AIR CATCHER / twenty one pilots (i think you would beat the moon in a pretty contest) iv. I WISH I WAS THE MOON / neko case (i’m so tired, i wish i was the moon tonight) v. L’AMOUR LOOKS SOMETHING LIKE YOU / kate bush (i’m hanging on the old goose moon / you look like an angel) vi. TWO COFFINS / against me! (how lucky i ever was to see / the way that you smiled at me / your little moon face shining bright at me) vii. THE MOON / cat power (the moon is not only beautiful / it is so far away) viii. YOU ARE THE MOON / the hush sound (you don’t see what you possess / a beauty calm and clear) ix. LUNA / smashing pumpkins (what moonsongs do you sing your babies? … i’m in love / so in love with you) x. PEACH MOON / the unicorns (sun-smudged peach moon / softer than an ice cream cone in june)

i get so off track when im writing like i started writing a fall merthur fic and the first paragraph began talking about pumpkins and ended describing different diseases????

The color purple is associated with royalty, mystery, wisdom and magic.


I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.